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Part 3 – Characters

At school we got the task to choose two characters of a list given by the teacher and imagine and illustrate some aspects of their life such as what does their bed and its environment look like, who are their friends and where do they usually meet, what kind of pets do they own and how do they keep them and finally, what is their most typical property? It was recommended to make every picture by a different technique. Now I'm gonna present you some of the pictures I've done. The characters I've chosen: a goth high-school student girl and a 34-year-old manicurist girl.

friends of the gothic girl
(By the way this picture was also used in our local newspaper as an illustration to an article I wrote about the partying facilities of the youth. I even made some old ladies in town very upset, since they thought that it is a photo. NC.)

... and her pet...

... and her most typical property.

The most typical property of the manicurist girl...

... and her bed.

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