My entries 4 Sandra and Woo Fanart Contest 2013

Okay, I'm not starting from the beginning of time and everything, if you don't know what I'm talking about, go check out last year's one.

That gave me like a ton of new visitors (well, it's a popular webcomic with fans of excellent taste...), so it wasn't a question that I'd attend this year too. I decided to submit two kinds of drawings again: one that represents my work, and one that... well, make people think that I can actually draw. Here they are: (note that to fully enjoy the first one, you should know a bit about Larisa...)

(click on the pictures for bigger size)

UPDATE: I made it to the posted submissions with the “cool” one. And I'm quoting: “Eliza submitted one of the funniest drawings of the contest.” Shall I add anything? :D

Hungarian translation
– Jaj szegénykém! Szánalmasan nézel ki!
– Oh, köszönöm, kedvesem.

– Egyértelmű, hogy segítségre van szükséged. Engedd meg, hogy felgyújtsalak.

– De nem, te ezt nem érted, az élet nemcsak a fiúkról szól.
– Hanem?

– Betűkről, kishölgy, betűkről.
– Ez a legszomorúbb kifogás, amit valaha is hallottam.

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