Results of the Library Game

As you might remember, the contest ended 5 weeks ago, but I haven't had time to create the prizes. Until now!

So congratulations again to Susi and Iza, and here are their deserved rewards. First: Iza's consolation prize.


And now for something completely the same. Susi's 1st prize!

(yepp it's too small. But click on it, and ta-daa!)

And the correct answers for my question (for those of you who are still interested in such things...)

1. Draw ponies (fandom: My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic)
I think that was the easiest one. I mean, come on, do I even have to talk about MLP?! And you didn't even have to know the show only to know me a bit.

2. History of the Time War (fandom: Doctor Who)
Well that was more tricky, but those of you who know the source could easily find it (and those of you who doesn't, there is Google you know). How do I even begin? Doctor Who is my favourite tv show, as much that I even dedicated a drawing project to it. Now the book "History of the Time War" is one that appeared in an episode, but even if it hasn't, it'd take only little time to fans to draw it. There has been questions why isn't it written in gallifreyan, but then again. Why does the imaginary library of an artschool have it is the more important question here.

3. Rick Warren (fandom: God)
Yupp, I'm a fan of God. Cause I'm that cool. Deal with it! :) Anyway, that must have been the hardest one, and for all of you who found it, I'm giving an applause. I'm not making a secret that I am a christian. But finding Rich Warren in this mass of books, and realizing who he is – or who he might be, and then using Google – that takes brains! ...or knowledge of christian literature.
So Rick Warren. Who actually wasn't totally misplaced in the artschool's library... Cause the reason I came here in the first place was reading Purpose Driven Life, and then talking to God.

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