Things I'm Going To Do After My Finals


Have I mentioned that finishing and printing my exam work didn't went quite smoothly? Well it has something to do with the fact that two days before I worked on a special edition of our newspaper from 8 am. to 9.30 pm…

But do not dwell in the past, let's just be happy about the outcome which was a great success at school and on the internet as well. Partly because there is no similar work (at least not to my knowledge) yet. It is a calendar (of 2014) presenting the type history of the era between the invention of the movable type and the first computers. It's written in Hungarian, but I'm planning to finish the english version until 2014.

Well go on, check it out! 

Hungarian translation
A vizsgáim után...
Várj, a... mi után?!
Ma van a határidő hangulatingadozások napja

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