FFMSb Deleted Scenes


You know when you see ‘deleted scenes’ in a youtube video's title, and you click on it, because it's your favourite film or show, and you're expecting something amazingly interesting that is a shame you haven't seen yet, some sort of wonderful secret that was hidden from fans but not anymore... But then it's just a bunch of random things like long and boring and useless conversations and such?

That's exactly what you will get in FFMSb Deleted Scenes. Fragments that was drawn but never posted because I didn't find them interesting enough or something so I kept them as jolly jokers... But now that I've finished posting the pen-drawings, and just before I start posting the painted ones, I figured it's time to sweep the attic.

Let's start with something extremely exciting!

Hungarian translation
– Nem mintha érdekelne, de... nem az előtt kéne menned aludni, hogy elindulnál a munkába?
– Áh, én egy Doctor Who rajongó vagyok, mi nem foglalkozunk alvással.

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