napiraiz #072 + Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, technically it is still Valentine's Day in Hungary, sorry if you're in a different timezone... Actually, what is time for a Doctor Who fan anyway! Right?!

First I was like let's do something Spinster Club for today, but no, that would have been cheap. See instead:

Actually they had a live chat on youtube today which I happened to miss, I leave it to you to point out the irony of it.

What? What that you ask? Who are Simon and Martina? Seriously. Have some culture!

Hungarian translation
– 27 évesen vénlánynak lenni egy dolog, de már a barátaiddal se találkozol. Szánalmas.
– Ha tudni akarod, épp most töltöttem minőségi időt néhány jóbarátommal.
– Igazán. Kikkel?
– Youtuberek?
– Ugyan kérlek. … … … Koreai kultúra-youtuberek.

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