napiraiz #064

No, but seriously. At first you are like haha, that's funny, let's listen to it, because it is soo 1980s but asian (plus – or rather therefore – adorable as hell), and ‘that is so ironic’, but then you listen to it for the second time, because it's still funny, and then you listen to it for the third time, because you still feel the need to give it another go purely in the name of irony of course, and then you won't stop listening to it.

Like ever.

I won't lie, it sort of sneakily grows on you. You're especially endangered when you are tired and fed up with everything. Seriously, give it a try, you will see… Right? Right?… Are you listening?… Feeling it?… How about now?… Now?… It will grow on you… Any minute now… How about now?…

Hungarian translation
– Túl sok koreai pop?
– Túl sok élet.
Brit tudósok megállapították: a koreai videoklip megtekintések kedd esténként tetőznek.

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