napiraiz #081

Don't feel unimportant if you haven't though. Sooner or later I will get to you.

About Lim Kim (or Kim Ye-rim in the original name order) she is pretty damn awesome in fact. Her music is just the best combination of jazzy and fun, her lyrics are about real proper actual life situations (you know what I mean) not stupidly approached (you all know what I'm talking about), and her voice is like the first sunshine on your grumpy face in spring. Actually I really don't get it: how isn't everyone crazy about her?

Now I won't give you a link to her music because that would put us in a K-pop spam relationship which I'm not sure we are ready for yet, but you're a smart girl/guy, you'll figure out how to find it.

Hungarian translation
– Egy megvan, huszonhét hátra.
Csak hogy tudd, ha még nem kaptál tőlem egy Lim Kim videóra mutató linket, kezdheted újraértékelni a kapcsolatunk…

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