One of my favourite webcomics I regularly check out is Sandra and Woo. It is funny, witty, and well, it's starring a talking racoon, which is, let's be honest, kinda guarantees something cool and awesome. And if you've ever wondered who's to blame for my pony-related posts, well, noone else, but the author of this comic who's been nice enough to let their fans know how amazing My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic is. But for those of you who prefer German to English, I have good news as well: es gibt auf Deutsch auch (and even with these few german words I've proven which version do I prefer…)

 So when they announced a fanart contest, it was pretty obvious that I'm applying. And I decided to do it my way. If you read the story from the beginning (and you really should, because it's much more fun that way), you'll find a strip when Sandra (the little girl who's the owner of Woo, the racoon) finds out about her pet's “hidden talent”. I thought it'd be funny to imagine a similar situation in my room, in my 365IP world. 

So that is briefly the story of today's irregular daily-drawing. 

I've won. A lot of new visitors by this:
Welcome everyone! :)

Hungarian translation:
Mindenre fel volt készülve az új napirajzot illetően...
mindenre, csak nem egy beszélő mosómedvére.
„Nézted már ma a Sandra and Woo-t?”

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