If you've ever thought that being obsessed with letters is such a weird disease that nobody else shows symptoms of it except for me (and maybe the Typofreak Club), then I have to disappoint you.

There is a group on Facebook called Typo Budapest, in which similarily typofreak people upload their photos of outdoor typography made mostly in Budapest, but also in some other places. Then they discuss them, and everyone is happy. 

That works perfectly in a big city like the capital of Hungary – in a small town like mine the whole thing becomes more complex though. You must face certain difficulties, like when you take more than two pictures, all the people in the streets (which means all 10) are either thinking you're from the authorities, or
they call for the authorities to arrest you. No wonder there is no Typo Jászberény group on Facebook.

Hungarian translation:
– Nem, nem azért fotózom a cégtáblád, mert jogsértő, hanem mert annyira veszettül szörnyű a tipója.
– Legális! Kifizettem! Az egész. Kiba. Legáliss!!!

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