Followerdrawing for Hajni, a friend of mine. My first memory of her is someone shouting madly at 3 am. in the dorm hallway: “Hajjjjjniii! Tarka* after party!” while I'm trying to sleep in my room. My second memory is someone letting me know at a christian camp's registration how good it is to finally see a familiar face. Yhea. That “someone” was she.

But since that day she became like… one of my closest friends, someone on who I allways could rely on, and someone who – even after leaving Budapest to live entirely in Győr – still asks me sometimes how do I do. If not on Facebook, then in Győr, when I visit her and their churh. Oh, and this one up there? That was a true story.

* “Tarka” was the name of the dormitory.

Hungarian translation:
Győri Golgota Gyülekezet, normál mód
a varázslat…
Győri Golgota Gyülekezet, 365IP mód
(random igevers Isten disőcségéről és az alázatosságról)

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