When I'm speaking about followers, I speak about people who hit the “join this site” button on the right, and that quite sums it up all. But to be a “follower” – especially considering christian terminology – is much more than this. It calls for commitment and endurance and a great willingness to get on the nerves of everyone around you by the constant advertising of the one you follow. 

Well you can't say Kornél is not a good follower. He loves my blog from the the very day he first saw it, shared more posts than anyone else, and I don't have evidence for it, but his liking rate probably beats everyone else's as well. (In fact he was the first requiring “Like” button bellow the posts.) And what would describe the essence of being a “follower” better than the fact that he learned to identify Comic Sans Criminalism sooner than anyone else? Well maybe only today's drawing can outshine that.

Hungarian translation:
– Találkozunk vasárnap! Sziasztok!
– Szia!


  1. Na igen, az egy vicces helyzet volt :)

  2. Egyébként velem már nem először történt meg. Komoly adottságom van a közösen megtett út felénél elköszönni emberektől. :D