Itroducing… M. E. S. E. B. O. L. T.!

That is...

Making Everyone See Enchanted Books Of Lovely Tales

If you haven't noticed yet, I had come up with what might seem some quite dumb names. But in fact they work very well in Hungarian (the abbreviations) and a bit in English (the long versions) as well. So that they speak to all my followers! 
(first drawing after the break)
This one got the name from a book from my childhood I really liked. Another precious book from my childhood is one by Eduard Petiška about a boy and a friend he wished for and got from the silver cloud. Yepp, amazing! I know! :)
Oh, right, haven't even told what will I post on thursdays, so what exactly does this title mean. I LOVE being lost in other realities. And creating them. For many years I thought it's a weakness, and tried to grow out of it. Sadly I managed quite well until I realized I could use that as well. So here I am now trying to get back some creativity and fantasy I had and making life more bearable by creating worlds, realities. And what's better if not childbook illustrations?! Right? 

So, here's an illustration from the book, not a very bold one, only from the beginning, when little Bertie was mad that noone had time for him and decided to punish the world by hiding in a tree. Forever. (Umm... yeah... not that I know about this or anything...)

I will definitely illustrate more (bolder) stories from this book later.

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