Introducing... F.A.B.U.L.A.!

That is...

Fascinating Adventures By Unashamed Lazy Animals

I wanted to start the weeks with something light and what could be better than cats... maybe dogs sometimes. Or chicken. My pets (which are truly unashamedly lazy) were already featured in a lot of my daily drawings (see also: cat and Zsebi) so it only made sense to give them a regular segment.

(first drawing after the break)

For the very first entry I have a sad topic though. You might remember my old cat Borbolya, who I believe have been featured in more drawings than any other cat of ours. She was really sick lately and died a few months ago.

She was quite the individual and the first cat of ours I could get attached to. (see also: I'm not a cat person)

That old girl, she sure enjoyed corn on the cob. (see also: FFMSB #132) But not just any corn, she was a lady after all! She had a dignity to maintain! So during the long years of practice I got into the habit of taking individual grains off from the corncob for her every time I eat corn on the cob, even if she's not around (which was of course impossible when there was corn; she could smell it from a mile).

Hungarian translation
Nincs Borbolya.

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