Introducing... C. H. I. P. S.!

That is...

Celebrating Heaven-sent Items Poorly Systemized

OK, I need to explain this weird abbreviation. To put it simlpe on fridays – to finish the week with positive thoughts – I'll post about good things in life, the things that makes it worth to put up with all the shit life throws at you. And what would be a better abbreviation!

Don't expect it to be a list in a precise order of importance though. I'll draw them as I wish. I'm planning on doing these a more realistic way than usual, because I'm starting to forget drawing like that.
(first drawing after the break)

On this week it's the „Komaasszonyok”. A shitty workplace like this with a boss who confuses being a chief with ownership and makes life generally miserable the only way to survive is to be surrounded with a good people. I'm so thankful to have such wonderful colleagues working with me, being like friends, especially since I hear so much from others about unsufferable colleagues at their workplaces.

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