napiraiz #134 – Talk To Me In Jászkürtian

You might know that I'm studying Korean with an excellent free website, Talk To Me In Korean. They have a lot of useful stuff for people interested in Korean language or even just the culture. Besides audiolessons and pdfs they have fun videos, like the Korean Drama Phrases series.

I found though that these phrases are typical not only for K-dramas, but our office as well. So I did some illustrations making it easier for me to remember.

I'll go to your company, so that we could have some lunch together.
What a pathetic person you are!
How could you f. it up so badly?!

I'll have your next weekend, don't plan anything.
– Yesterday I was a bit out of it.
– It's okay.
I'm asking because I'm curious, but what the heck is between the two of you?
(FYI there's nothing like that between the two of them.)
I have no idea what you're trying to say…

So that's it for this week's cultural lesson. Next week I might start the new projects... Until then have a nice week 여러분!

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