Just finished a ton of daily drawing. No big deal.

Ahh, finally! Yesterday I managed to finish all deferred daily drawings... of February! Gosh, I'll never let it become so out of control! Just skip one week and you'll never be able to catch up with yourself. And don't mention March please, those drawings are still waiting for me in the backyard with a shovel in their hands so that they can beat me up properly whenever I'm ready to fight them.

But, for now, let's speak about more pleasant issues, that is: February's done, and ready to show up in my blog -- well, as soon as I'll be able to scan them, which is... in about two weeks... But stay tuned, because I already have some to post, and with those and some sneak peeks hopefully I can keep you interested for that time... right?... right?...

Have a nice day and check back soon!

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