Do you remember the rightly popular Spinster Club? Well apparently not spinsters are the only group that must face isolation. But who cares until we have our little freak-clubs, right?

It has been said though, that maybe it's not representing the people in this picture well enough. It has been said, that it's too feminine, as much that the gentleman on the right look like a “typo-gay”. Though I just can't understand why in the world do people assume it, it is not right to do so. Another picture must have been made, a more masculine one. So here you go:

“… Titles of course can be written only using capital letters. There are certain typefaces though, which are unsuitable for this form of use, since they're illegible that way, so it is highly prohibited. These are the gothic typefaces…”
(The Book and my poor translation)

* I must mark here for the sake of truthfulness and for all who know Eszti, that she never said anything suggesting the execution of anyone, neither is she the member of the mafia, not even the TypoFreak mafia, and she never ever killed anyone. Thank you for your understanding. 

Hungarian translation:
első kép:
– Még egy kis teát?
– Most vettem pár új fontot!
– Azt hiszem, beleszerettem a Gill Sansba!
A Tipófrík Klub első találkozója elég jól sikerült... 

második kép:
– Felháborító! Új black-metál banda*! Poszter két utcára innen.
– Golyó vagy kötél?
– Még több teát?
A Tipófrík Klub második találkozója még jobban sikerült.

* Virágvölgyi, 26. oldal, lap alja.

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