This is the 4th follower-drawing I made. It was done for Eszti, whose follow is more than worthy, because it was done "against her better judgement".

About her, well, what could I say? Those of you who followed me continuously, probably know her better than I could say anything new. Yes, she's the girl with the long, red, vavy hair from all those pictures. Clearly, she was featured in more drawings than anyone but The Book. And even if they weren't enough for you to know her, let this drawing speak instead of me, about which event she said: “Noone… ever… ever in life summed up better my personalty in a single word.” 

Finally, what else could I say, than she is one of my closest friends, for which I'm even more thankful than for her following.

Hungarian translation:
Nem volt szükség bemutatásra.
– Bokeh Kisasszony?
– Tipográfia Úr?

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