Ahh, inside jokes! So annoying when you're the one who just stands there and doesn't understand why everyone else is laughing hysterically on something that sounds like an ordinary phrase, but, on the other hand, so great, when you're one of those who have the key to understand it.

Well, sorry guys, but this time you'll be in the former group, except if you're Betti, who is my 13th follower, so here comes followerdrawing #12 (remember: follower 6, Emese didn't want one, because I did dailydrawings starring her anyway).

Hungarian translation:
– Van hörcsög a cipődben? – kérdezte Eliza
– Nincs. – mondá ő.
– Király! Nekem sincs!
– Mi ez a hang? – kérdezte Betti kíváncsian
<nyikk! nyikk! nyikk!>

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