You could have seen our male (well it's more proper to say “ex-male”) cat, Jenőke, in many drawings until now, but it's the first main appearance of our other cat, Borbolya. She (“ex-female”) is much more shy and more cynic at the same time (yes, that's a cat characteristic, okay?). And she has a capital “M” (a Sans Serif if you ask me) on her forehead just because she thinks we won't be able othervise to remember that she's a “macska” (Hungarian for “cat”).

Ah, nice. Now I started to write introductions of cats. Am I really that miserably isolated?…

Hungarian translation:
– Má megin… MINKET rajzol?
– Jah. Sürgősen szereznie kéne egy pasit, én mondom!

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