Followerdrawing for Helga, my flatmate (well, saying I'm staying at her apartment on fridays so that I can go to school on saturdays is much closer to the truth). One can say a lot of cool things about her, but it is clear, that she has absolutely no sense to become a freak, let alone typography freak! OK, maybe Kindersley was a bit too old for Lida (marrying a guy who has more common themes with your grandpa than with yourself is maybe not the best idea), and OK, maybe he might have had a wife when Lida fell in love with him, but hey, he kept a distance (as much as it was possible while showing her the proper way of holding the chisel for lettering). And nothing happened between them for 2,5 years… Well, the book doesn't tell about it, and other sources are laconic on this as well, but I sense that his wife died. …OK, maybe not, and he finally divorced and he's a horrible man anyway, but let me believe that he was a nice guy. I mean, afterall, it's David Kindersley!

Well… where was I? Oh, yes. Helga. Followerdrawing. Do not read typofreak stories for normal people. And stuff.

Hungarian translation:
– „Több mint két és fél évig tartott, de Lida végül elnyerte álmai lovagját. Összeházasodtak, három fiuk született. David Kindersley addigra hetvenéves is elmúlt.” Vége.
Na? Hát nem ez a legbááájosabb lávsztori, amit valaha hallottál?
– Micsoda gusztustalan, abnormális, beteges kis történet volt ez! Fuj! És egyébként is, ez az ajnározott „betűvetés” mégis mi lenne?

Typofreak lávsztorik.
Soha ne próbáld ki őket normális embereken!

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