Very devoted followers might remember the drawing from January in which I'm doing the thing I am best at: whining pathetically over my present state while being wrapped in a warm blanket and eating Nutella. That day the subject of my whining was mainly that I'm not in Miami, and the horridness of it was mainly caused – besides the freezing -25 ºC and disappointingly grey lanscapes – by two young gentlemen called Rich Chwastiak and Tristan Clopêt. The former you already know – or if not, I'm really disappointed, unless you're new here, and in this case check out this post –, but the latter still needs a proper introduction. 

Tristan is well… where should I start? Maybe I should start with saying thanks to Tim Burton. Without his interpretation of Alice in Wonderland which I liked so much that I started to listen to its music, and after listening to those I started to listen to ‘Almost Alice’, an album featuring various artists inspired by the film… so without him I'd never found Tristan's youtube channel. But finally I found myself listening to a guy playing a hundred kind of instruments to perform Welcome to Mystery – a lot better than the original. That's how it all started. That was the time I noted down his name, because I knew I found something worth remembering. 

Later I found out that he did a lot other covers as well – just as good as it is –, and they are all his interpretations, not just some lame “let's play it cause it's popular” kind of imitations. He takes the songs and makes them completely his, while still being respectful towards the original ones. You might say, if he's so good, and he really does have an own style, then why does he waste his time with covers instead of making an own album with his own songs. Well, I have good news: he does that as well. He wrote some pretty good songs and recorded them with his band called Tristan Clopêt and The Juice. You can listen to them for free on his myspace page

So on January 26th I was depressed not to be able to go to a concert of two extremely nice guys, who now I'm fortunate enough to call my friends. But as spring arrived in Hungary, and Tristan decided to move from Miami to New York City – the same place where Rich lives, and this has certain advantages even for fans living far away –, all of a sudden, well, Miami lost all its charm for me.

homepage: http://tristanclopet.com/
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tristanclopetandthejuice
youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SussexRecordings

Hungarian translation:
Nem tudta, hogy Tristan Clopêt New Yorkba költözése teszi, vagy az, hogy végre megérkezett a tavasz Magyarországra, de hirtelen valahogy...
Miami elvesztette vonzerejét.

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