Not that I'd call myself a catholic (I'm not really OK with dogmatic stuff invented by the church in the middle-ages to get more money), but my family is catholic, and at least on every big holidays we go to the church. And you know what it's like, when you're get used to a whole different thing and then go back to the old stuff… It seems immediately unreasonable for some reason.

Attending to a kinda modern protestant church, I spend more time amongst people who, when God's grace is mentioned, are more likely start to perform King David's famous “holy dance” freaking out everyone who's not used to that. …Ok, well, maybe that's not very frequent (never seen it in fact), but it's a fact, that the worship style of this church is much more lively and – for me at least – natural, than what you can see in a more traditional church. I'm not saying it's better, I'm just saying, after it a catholic mass was kinda unusual for me (even if I spent the biggest part of my life going to catholic churches), and it inspired me on this drawing.

Because, you know, to simplify it to the bare facts, Easter is all about we don't have to get the punishment for our sins, means we don't have to spend the eternity in a place fully separated from God – i.e. the source of everything which can be good, so you're kinda doomed without him, cause what remains is the lack of every good stuff which is… well you can imagine – …So you can avoid all this sh*t, and be in a place where you can fully experience everything that is good – i. e. the presence of God –, and for this you don't have to do stuff or anything, only to want it, I mean to want to be with God, to want to get saved – i. e. say “that Jesus guy already  payed for it, soo…” I mean. That is what it's all about.

And on that day, in that church, in that mass, I didn't really feel that most people who're saying “Amen” and “Hallelujah” (in more modern words: “YAY to that!”) understand it. And to be just, it is not a catholic attribute. They might be the most moderate ones in praising but that doesn't mean anything about the inside thoughts. Yes, the phenomenon exists in catholic church. As well as it exists in every denomination. People can fake any reaction, and still miss the point of their supposed faith.

But, well. That's just another “stuff christians like”.

Hungarian Translation: 
– Jó hír! Nem kell az örökkévalóságig szenvednünk!
– Juhúúú! Úgy örülünk neki! 

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