That is true. Chinese people only wear green hats when they want to tell the outside world that their spouse is cheating on them. Without trying to philosophize on the fact that anyone would want to communicate such thing to the outside world, it's an interesting thing isn't it.

But as for Susi, my 17th follower, I don't even know where to start… Maybe the easiest way to sum her personality up is to say: she is the German me, while I'm the Hungarian Susi. It is hard to tell which one of us had bigger impact on the other. Although, it is a fact that after living together for a half year I passed my lateness-carma to her, the most punctual person I know – <cough> no cultural prejudices. Also, she's the person who's name probably gonna be well known worldwide from our (expectedly) famous musical: Susi Poppins. But more on that maybe later. 

As you might have found out, she currently lives in China, teaching English for little chinese children. But I don't have to be uninformed about her everyday life, because we can still skype sometimes, and she also reports her friends about her curious adventures in her newsletters written on literary work style, which will make a pretty good book sometime in the future.

So you'd better remember her name, people!

Hungarian translation:
Nem is sejtette, hogy azzal, hogy a kedvenc kalapját vette fel,
azt adta mindenki tudtára, hogy a párja megcsalja.

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