Attention! Before anyone would write me long letters rebuking me for criticizing God's beautiful work and not being fully satisfied with my beautiful outlook, which is – have I mentioned – really beautiful, here's a sweet little story.

You see, I always used to have a problem with findig proper trousers or jeans, because of my figure. And once I find one that fits me – i.e. I can put them on at least –, it's sure that half of their legs must be cut, because they are so much longer than my legs. But I cannot say that it was always necessary.

Once I had the opportunity to find a pair of jeans which perfectly fit me. It was made in Germany. “Hah! – I said to myself – At last! At last German fashion designers realized that not only long-legged slim ladys live on Earth! At last they realized that most of the women are like me! At last they realized that in fact, it's the average, so it's the normal. I sense a big change in public opinion from now on, a general change, a revolution of mind about the concept of beauty!” I grabbed the jeans victoriously, and noticed two kind little words written on it:

“extra kurz”.

Ask Google Translate if you have problems understanding it…

Hungarian translation:
Egyszerűen nem értette, hogy valakinek, akinek ekkora tehetsége van arra, hogy állandóan késésben legyen, miért adott Isten ennyire abnormálisan rövid lábakat?

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