Followerdrawing #14 goes to Szilvi, one of my classmates. One of those who has a great tendency to think of morbid stuff. Not that it's a rare thing in our class, but she's outstanding in at least one other thing as well: having an extraordinary love towards dogs. And when these two come together, well, the results you can check out on her portfolio page. 

But as for typography, seems like her philosophy is “Everything has its limits” and as for freakness it's typography where man should say “stop”. Though you might remember when I said that one cannot read The Book without getting at least a bit typofreak, and though you might remember the drawing about Eszti carrying 4 of them (which were actually for my classmates, including Szilvi), but, well, seems like the magic is not working in this case. Well. Can't everyone be isolated freak!

Hungarian translation:
– Aaaaaaaaa! Szóval elolvastad? És hogy tetszett? Ugye milyen FANNTASZTIKUS?! Ugye? Ugye?
– Öö... Teljesen biztos vagy benne, hogy a barátnőd ugyanazt a könyvet vette nekünk is?

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