Are you wondering who might be this girl next to me? She's Anna, my classmate. A few weeks ago I've told you how my friend Eszti heroically provided half the school's typography textbook (of which event I've even did a drawing once). In case I've missed to mention, the author of The Book is called Péter Virágvölgyi, for which reason most people call it “the Virágvölgyi book” – although I'm more than convinced that my name for it is much better. So you remember how I always say one cannot read it without becoming at least a bit typofreak? Well, gotcha, Anna! It's proven! Ha!

Hungarian translation:
– …úgyhogy még mindig nincs munkám, és… várj, az ott Comic Sans???
– Nagyon úgy tűnik… Vicces.
Virágvölgyi-effektus. Egyszerűen nem lehet neki ellenállni.

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